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The War. Help.

You know that in peacetime we helped small and medium-sized businesses. Especially young startups, because they are introducing new technologies. And technology is the future and this is the future not only of Ukraine, but of the whole world.
On February 24, 2022 at 5:00 am, Russia attacked Ukraine. The war has begun. The Russian army mercilessly smashed cities and villages, but the Ukrainian will could not be broken!
Our Western partners have given the Ukrainian army a new weapon that turns old Russian equipment into scrap metal. New technologies, of course, are defeating the developments of the times of the USSR, which until recently Russia was so proud of.
Therefore, the small Ukrainian army managed to resist the huge Russian machine, which regularly terrorizes the whole world.


So let's help the whole world to destroy this Russian fascism, called the "Russian world", which is headed by Tsar Putin. Or we him, or he us! There is no other!

Now the army needs:

1.Thermal imagers

2.Quadcopters, preferably DJI Mavic 3

3.Night vision devices



6.Tactical gloves

7.Tactical shoes summer

8.Tactical glasses

9.Knee pads

10.Elbow pads


12.Body armors

If anyone can help, please email us.
I believe that victory will be ours! Glory to Ukraine!